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Greengrass connectors are prebuilt modules that help accelerate the development lifecycle for common edge scenarios. They make it easier to interact with local infrastructure, device protocols, AWS, and other cloud services. With connectors, you can spend less time learning new protocols and APIs and more time focusing on the logic that matters to your business. You can also use AWS Secrets Manager at the edge to protect your keys and credentials in the cloud and at the edge. Secrets can be attached and deployed from AWS Secrets Manager to groups via the AWS IoT Greengrass console.

Tasks Involved:
  • Meetings with Stake Holders
  • Research and Usability
  • Whiteboarding
  • UX Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • UX Sign-Off
  • Product Launch

Greengrass Features Annoucement

40 minute video from YouTube


New: Deploy Secrets to the AWS IoT Greengrass Core

AWS IoT Greengrass lets you authenticate with services and applications from Greengrass devices without hard-coding passwords, tokens, or other secrets.

AWS Secrets Manager is a service that you can use to securely store and manage your secrets in the cloud. AWS IoT Greengrass extends Secrets Manager to Greengrass core devices, so your connectors and Lambda functions can use local secrets to interact with services and applications. For example, the Twilio Notifications connector uses a locally stored authentication token.

Developer Guide to Secrets Manager
UX Flow of Greengrass Connectors and Secrets