Stroke App

An app for Stroke survivors with limited mobility.

Role: UX Designer (Individual Project)
Contributions: UX/UI Design, Wireframes
Tools: Balsamiq (Wireframes), Photoshop (Visual Design)


This is a concept app design meant for stroke survivors with limited mobility. It's an all-in-one app solution to assist with daily activities such as travel to do errands. It also has features to reach out to emergency contact and inform of local statistics as a form of educating the impacts of Stroke.


How could a mobile application assist stroke victims with daily activities during times of stress and uncertainty?

Target User

Individuals who are experiencing a life crisis due to stress, physical/health changes, and uncertainty. In this project, the primary focus is on people going through a major life adjustment as a result of a stroke.

Visual Design

Future Considerations

- Explore left-handed operation
- Add the ability to customize navigation to pin features or functionality to the user's needs
- Siri feature integration for ease of use