Enterprise Dashboards

Due to confidential matter and NDA compliance, enterprise projects can be discussed upon individual request.

I have been responsible in structuring, directing and crafting over 30+ enterprise dashboard designs. This page contains example of fictitious dashboard designs to illustrate and gain a feel for UI/UX, critical thinking and enterprise multi-level structuring. The dashboard does not contain real-data and also not a direct reflection of past dashboards. Unfortunately, a bulk of my work falls under NDA.

Challenges Involved

- The sheer volume of data and making sense of it without being overwhelmed.
- The different level of complexity, various data types, formats, multiple dimension and pivots that comes with big data.
- Asking the right questions and surfacing valuable insights to take action which could include data visualization as part of a solution.
- Every industry has their own terminology and vocabulary to familiarize and understand.
- Understanding how one service can connect to many and how they communicate and work together to produce an end result.

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Case Scenarios

With BI, nonprofit operators and upper management can be empowered with additional knowledge of operational costs by viewing and exploring their data in different branches of the organization.

With BI, financial institutions can be empowered with additional knowledge by tracking financial advisor’s performance by engaging with their own data to see different performance metrics in a variety of departments and branches.

With BI, app owners can be empowered with additional knowledge by tracking the in-game economy through diving into dynamic data to see the current market trend in different parts of the world.

Not affiliated with Pokemon GO or Nintendo. This is a proof of concept.

Experienced in surfacing vital Industry Insights

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